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Yes, as above, Keyshades Light can be found at the developer's site.

From what I can tell, the difference is that Keyshades is "on" all the time in the background, while Keyshades Light is a standalone application that only runs when you click on the icon.

Because of this, as doomsey says, the Light version doesn't have the potential to cause instability.

Is there a benefit, then, to using the Full version over the Light version?
1. The full version allows the keyboard lights to be toggled with the side button, without exiting the current application. The light version can only toggle the lights if it is launched, potentially causing the currently-running application to lose state.

2. The full version 1.3b1 has a workaround (on US-Engilsh devices only) for the Palm bug that causes the keyboard lights to go on when the brightness is changed.