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    I have some heat problems with my 700p. While talking on the phone, the area near the earpiece and back near the camera get very hot, also, the brightness starts acting freaky, the whole screen turns off while on the phone instead of just dimming like it usually does. Then while hitting Shift+P (to bring up the brightness menu) moving it left and right fixes it back to what its supposed to be (although at first with there still space to move it to the left more, the whole screen goes black...glitch somehwere)

    is anyone else experiencing this?

    nvm....should have done a search first...found my answer
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    This exact same issue has happened to me a number of times all when using PTunes for an extended period of time. I contacted the developer and he wrote back that they believe it is related to the battery overheating.

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    Whenever the unit gets too hot the light dims. If you keep your phone in a hot car you will get the same effect. Continuous talking or surfing will do this occassionally. It goes back to normal. Speed up the cooling by putting it in the fridge
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    Yep, this happens when I stream pTunes for a while too. At least it's normal, from what they say around here.
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    Whew! I saw the brghtness randomly changing while streaming music for a couple hours in my car. I figured it was a heat thing since the phone felt hot and the behavior went away as it cooled down. Glad I'm not alone. I hope my treo doesn't pull a Dell while I'm driving.
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    Happens to me as well - thought it was a defect with my Treo at first, then realized that it was a battery failsafe. Nice of Palm to think of it...
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    It is a nice feature to prevent the Treo from overheating, but it's quite annoying nonetheless.
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    This has been happening to me since I've had my 600, 650, & now my 700p...
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    This is normal and I am used to it...
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