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    Hello all,
    I received a 600 phone from a client recently for free as he had a new 650. So I went and bought some cords for it (He no longer had them) and charged it up. Well it wanted to start from scratch so I followed the prompts and when it get's to the screen calibration it keeps saying please try again????? I am thinking maybe the battery is no good and needs to be replaced in which case I am going to throw it in the trash. Thanks for the help.
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    I'm going to assume that you have adequate hand-eye coordination and you're actually hitting it in the right spot

    It's probably dust under the screen, take the Treo apart and run some compressed air under there.

    Just don't throw it away! I'll gladly take it off your hands at no cost to you!

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    Touch screen works but it will not make it through the whole calibration routine. I am an IT guy and have done many of these devices. Touch the bulls eye twice and it goes back to the original screen saying please try again??????
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    I guess you didn't read my post carefully. There is probably dust under the screen. That causes the device to think it's being tapped somewhere other than where you think you tapped it.

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