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    Just wondering what average speed you guys are getting on your 700p at your location...not using those speed test sites, but rather downloading a file off the web.

    1.0MB File:
    11.4MB File:

    For blazer, just type the url, and just record the amount of time it takes for you to download the file: for example, mine takes about 35 seconds, so i do:
    1024/35 = 29.25KB/sec

    For Firefox At the middle of the download, just note at what speed its downloading.

    Im doing this to get a real view of the download speed, i dont trust those speedtest sites b/c the numbers vary a LOT from one location to another.

    Please list your results as followed:

    Provider: Sprint
    Location: Atlanta, GA 30328
    File Downloaded:
    Blazer: 25KB/sec to 30KB/sec
    Tethered: 30KB/sec to 50KB/sec
    Bars: 3-4

    Dont forget to clear cache
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    hmmm.....i just drove 2 miles down to my other store and tried the test here....i dled the 1mb file in 8-9 seconds flat (thats about 110KB/sec)....very fast....i have FULL bars here...where I had 3 or 4 bars at my previous please also include ur signal strength when posting...thanks
    posting from my treo btw
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    well, tried the test near my home now, had ALL bars, and the test took 20-25 seconds to complete.
    So im guessing that the bars dont have much to do with EVDO speeds or coverage...
    Is there a way to tell which tower your connected to...and what exactly the EVDO coverage is in you SPECIFIC area (like down to the street)?

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    Provider: Sprint
    Location: Walnut Creek, CA 94596 ( 45 miles east of San Francisco)
    File Downloaded:
    Blazer: 29KB/sec to 38KB/sec
    Tethered with Bluetooth: 38KB/sec to 46KB/sec
    Tethered with USB cable: 72KB/sec to as high as 110KB/sec
    Bars: 5

    I got pretty good signal all the time and I live about 1/2 mile from Sprint tower. I think there is a webpage for Sprint's cell tower (very specific you can see it down to the street address) I forgot what's exact address, I found it either or
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    Provider Sprint:
    Location: Woodstock, GA 30188
    File Downloaded:
    Blazer: 95KB/sec to 105KB/sec (consistent)
    Tethered USB: 100KB/sec to 115KB/sec (consistent)
    Bars: 6 (all bars)

    very good speeds at this location.

    Also, web pages seem to open a lot faster in MSIE compared to Firefox...anyone else notice this?
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    I've been noticing that you can just move your phone a few inches (or feet) or the angle of it and dramatically change the speed at which you are connected.

    I notice this more when tethered, but I'm sure it has similar results either way...

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