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    I am having ton of static problems with my Treo 650 and Bluetooth headsets. When I use a wired headset, no headset or the speakerphone, there is no static and the phone works fine. I get static on my bluetooth headset no matter what headset I use. If I am more than about 20 inches away from the phone, I get static. I've tried hard resetting the phone, making sure the phone and headset are fully charged, and I've tried five different bluetooth headsets:

    Motorola H700
    Plantronics Discovery 645
    Jabra JX10
    Palm Compact Wireless Headset
    Sony Ericsson HBH-608

    All of them have significant static when they are just two feet from the phone, no matter what environment they are in (home, work, car, etc.).

    I've already gotten a replacement refurbished 650 from Sprint, but it has the same problem. Are all 650s this bad? Sprint/Palm should fix this!

    Does anyone have any thoughts on fixing the problem or know of a headset that works?

    I know that if the 650 were BT1.2 things would be better, but that does not help me.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    BT implementation on the 650 is very weak. Many of us have tried LOTS of BT headsets (try searching) and experiences are not necessarily consistent. Ones that work for many:

    SE HBH 660/662 - no longer made but you may be able to find on EBAY. Connects fast and I easily got 25 feet of range before significant static.

    JX-10 - Lots seem to like. Did not work for me because of choppy voice quality and it does not deal at all well with any kind of wind.

    Plantronics V510 - Best so far (my opinion) but it has a significant connection delay.

    SE HBH-IV835 - Just borrowed...will test out in a couple of days

    Plantronics - Discovery 655...seems to get pretty good reviews so far. Battery life a problem for me.

    If you can't find a 660/662, I suggest you try the V510 (with WindStop) and/or the 655.
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    Try keeping the Treo on the same side of your body as the headset. I've noticed that if I put my Treo on the other side of my body, the bluetooth signal gets blocked too much and I hear static. The other poster is right too, the bluetooth implmentation isn't all that grear in the 650. I've noticed the 700p I have does much better.

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    Try keeping the Treo on the same side of your body as the headset...
    Thanks for the advice, but I get static when the headset and handset are just 15 inches or so apart, let alone having it on the other side of my body...

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