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    Anyone know of a better program than AutoBuddy for tracking vehicle maintenance. Most programs I found are mainly for tracking mileage and not maintenance tracking. Thanks.
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    I use pFuel. I don't use it's maintenance part except to log what I did and when, but I think you can set alarms as to when is the next oil change, etc.

    Hope this helps...
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    Or use the built-in Documents To Go spreadsheet app. I have the following column headings:

    Date of Service, Mileage, Work Done, Done By, Notes.

    I use a different worksheet for wifey's car. I have 4 years worth of data that uses only 60 rows and 14K of memory. You don't need anything fancy for keeping maintenance records. This is simple, customizeable, and free.
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    I also use an excel spreadsheet with different tabs for each vehicle. Works great for me!
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    Autoslate is a good program. I've used it for a few years now.
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    I'll throw in another vote for pFuel.
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    I've tried several other freeware and trialware for this purpose and discarded all of them because of instability, incompatibility or just plain old wierd behaviour...
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    I use LubeLog. Not that great of a program, but keeps track of what's important.
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    Do any of these have a desktop companion?
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    I had early version of TealAuto it works fine. I wish it has a "desktop" viewer to run reports. it has a "alert" say if you set 30,000 miles remind you of oil change it'll do that.

    I might give PFuel a try since it's FREE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    Do any of these have a desktop companion?
    Auto Slate has a desktop application that it syncs up with.
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    I like Automobile 4.0 from Linkesoft......allows for multiple vehicles and runs calculations on the fly for MPG. Has a free conduit for exporting to a csv file which you can then deal with in Excel to track other trends.
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    I've had a lot of resets with AutoSlate. Just checked and there is a new version available. I'll install it and hope it works better.

    How good is the 5-way support in pFuel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxDot View Post
    How good is the 5-way support in pFuel?
    Zero support for 5-way with pFuel.
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    Thanks for y'alls responses and suggestions. i might wanna try pFuel, but is this supposely for tracking mileage and has some support for maintenance? And, this is the only free program thats worth trying? Thanks.
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    Despite not having 5-way support, pFuel is one of a rare breed that did not crash my Treo. It has support for Maintenance schedules and such... also graphing and statistics. Go ahead and try it, it's free.

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