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    I'm the developer of a new mobile browser called Minuet. It is becoming quite popular amongst BlackBerry users. I'm wondering whether Palm users might be equally interested in a 3rd party browser.

    Amongst the many unique features of Minuet, you can access web pages with frames, zoom in and out of images without leaving the page, organize your bookmarks into many lists, and set up your own personalized color scheme and font sizes.

    Minuet is a Java ME application so you will need a JVM. It currently does not support pen input, although I'd be glad to add that feature if there are enough interests from pen users. I would also gladly give out free final copies to anyone who wouldn't mind beta testing it for me.

    If you think this is useless, I'd like to hear from you too. Thanks!
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    I'm always interested in trying new browsers, especially ones that can handle frames. stylus support would be a definite plus...
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    Search these boards and you'll find many people who are constantly looking for a better browser. So yes, there would definitely be interest.

    Some folks aren't willing to use Java-based browsers, but many (including myself) are. Opera Mini would pretty much be your competition, so make it more usable and/or faster than that, price it very competitively (Opera is free), and you've got a customer base.
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    A good web browser is one of the things that we Treo users are always looking for. I used to use Xiino, but the formatting is just bad though it is very fast. When I moved to the Treo 700p I was very happy with Blazer, but now this freaking app is crashing and crashing for no reason on my Treo. I have installed now Opera, but it is taking me some time to get use to it. So Yes, count me in as a beta tester. I have been around for quite some time.

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    Formatting, speed, and by all means USE THE DARN CACHE!!!! There's no reason we have to keep loading pages that are already loaded.
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    700p users have no problem installing Java because we have lots of RAM. If I were a 650 user I would probably pass though, not unless it is highly recommended.

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    I'd pay good money for a native Palm OS browser, but I'd consider using a Java browser if it were really good (even better than Opera).
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    I am a Treo700 user with Java already installed and would love to Beta this
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    I would like a browser that uses "Active X" so I can access the full version of Gmail.
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    I would beta test this too, I have tried every browser for the 700p and each has it's own pros and cons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin
    I would like a browser that uses "Active X" so I can access the full version of Gmail.
    I believe you're referring to "AJAX"?
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    I'd help beta-test and be interested.
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    you can count me in
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    Some things needed Opera doesn't provide (if possible):

    Cut and Paste (guess that means pen support)
    Native Download Support
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    by all means, triprince, please develop a new browser for us here.

    I'm confident you will find just as must interest here as you are finding in the blackberry community.

    count me in among the willing beta testers for minuet.
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    Can I get a big "Hell yeah!"
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    Give me tabbed browsing on my Treo, J2ME or native, and I'll not only hump your leg--I'll even pay for it!
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    I'd pay $30-50 if its great. I'd like to beta for you, wkv2101 at
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    I have a GSM 650 with JVM installed and would certainly be willing to beta test your product. For many people speed is going to be the most important feature. I use Opera Mini but am not fond of it's interface primarily because it doesn't behave like a standard Palm application. Another thing to be aware of is suppressing the annoying "User Permission Check" popup. If you cannot do that a lot of people will be put off since it just slows you down when trying to access the net.
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    Is is just me, or would a great browser be like Blazer but uses a cache so the speed is faster. I have read a lot of threads about browsers and most people keep going back to Blazer. However, the biggest complaint is it's slow, compared to Opera or Xiino. Another thing I have found, is Blazer is the only browser I've found that can show the wunderground animation on the local radar. Not sure why, but Opera or Xiino will not animate.
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