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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist
    Give me tabbed browsing on my Treo, J2ME or native, and I'll not only hump your leg--I'll even pay for it!
    That would be the ttt browser "tiny tabbed treo" browser but it would be nice to use java for more than just kmaps.
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    A browser that handles multiple frames better would be nice. Also, it would be nice if something were able to take full advantage of the network speed. I am not of the oppinion that Opera or Blazer currently do this. I roll with a 700p btw.

    Oh...I almost forgot. I would only pursue this little project if you have no problems with massive amounts of money being thrown at you.
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    Don't forget to include the "emulate IE" button that Webviewer has. Makes it possible for us to access online banking sites.
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    Does anybody have a link to this "tiny tabbed treo" browser? I come up with nothing on google, and the local search only turns up this thread.
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    Uh i was just commenting on the previous post (your post) about a having tabs in this new browser being discussed i just made up the name trying to be funny sorry if you all thought it was real.

    ill go sit in the corner now and be quiet.
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    any option to use the SD for the cache & saving files would be nice - save some space internally.
    small footprint, stylus support, possibly even some sort of inline flash & active x support, and, yes, tabs would be things I would be looking for.

    can we possibly get some screenshots of the gui & menu options you have built in so far for the BB version
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    Quote Originally Posted by triprince
    I'm the developer of a new mobile browser called Minuet. It is becoming quite popular amongst BlackBerry users. I'm wondering whether Palm users might be equally interested in a 3rd party browser.

    Amongst the many unique features of Minuet, you can access web pages with frames, zoom in and out of images without leaving the page, organize your bookmarks into many lists, and set up your own personalized color scheme and font sizes.

    Minuet is a Java ME application so you will need a JVM. It currently does not support pen input, although I'd be glad to add that feature if there are enough interests from pen users. I would also gladly give out free final copies to anyone who wouldn't mind beta testing it for me.

    If you think this is useless, I'd like to hear from you too. Thanks!
    How about providing a link to your web site so we can get an idea of the features of Minuet?
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    ^ Here's their website:

    Count me it! I'd LOVE to beta test something like this
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    Well I tried out minute. If you have the java vm on your treo you can go to the java progrma and enter the following address to download the jad/jar and the treo will convert it into a prc.

    Have to admit I wasn't impressed at all. It would need major work to even compete with blazer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wkv2101
    Well I tried out minute. If you have the java vm on your treo you can go to the java progrma and enter the following address to download the jad/jar and the treo will convert it into a prc.

    Have to admit I wasn't impressed at all. It would need major work to even compete with blazer.
    As far as I know, that's not made for smartphones, it's made for regular phones. The point was to make one for the treo, which could feature blazer like functions that regular phone web browsers can't handle.
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    Looks pretty good for an ordinary-phone java browser.
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    I just can't get it to work. I got it installed but I can't type out a URL. I've tried both input settings.
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    count me in for testing... tabbed browsing would be a plus. This browser reminds me of Webviewer an extinct java web browser I still use.
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    Thank you so much for your input! This level of interests is more than I had hoped for. Yes, it will need some work to get it working properly on Palm and other pen-input devices. It would be difficult to use Minuet on Palm in its current state, and I would not want to waste your time.

    I *love* hearing about the things you want in a browser. Please keep them coming. Thanks!
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    Count me in! I'm a 650 user and use Opera via JVM sometimes.

    For Opera cut/paste functionality in the 'www.' area, just hit the Alt key and then you get the Copy/paste options.
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    I too would be interested, and all suggestions sound great... I for one would LOVE tabbed-browsing... and I would be willing to pay for the browser program ($10-$20)
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    I use Xiino, Webpro, and Blazer and they all suck, so I'd definitely be interested in trying out something new. I would also pay a reasonable amout of money for a GOOD browser. I have plenty of RAM on my 650 to accommodate Java if necessary, especially if I dump those other POS browsers.

    Things I want in a browser?

    * Stability!
    * Correct page formatting (I'm so tired of jumbled pages!)
    * Speed (use cache correctly like Webpro and Xiino)
    * Cache, bookmarks, saved pages stored on SD card (This will help Treo 650 users.)
    * Stylus/5-way control
    * Sensible UI (Xiino is a mess)
    * Page search (bottom of the screen like Firefox)
    * Support for small fonts (without Fonts4OS5)
    * Support for Javascript, frames, Flash(?)
    * Tabbed browsing
    * Non-intrusive and intelligent auto-complete
    * Support for large downloads
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    I would like to check out this new browser when beta testing becomes available. I agree with other posts. Many palm users like cheap pricing with high functionality. I doubt the creators of a new browser have control over this but if you could some how keep the browser open (or not close it completely) when a phone call comes in or something else that requires multitasking that would be an awesome feat!
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    Please don't forget about the ability to download files (limited only by available space!) to the SD card. And even better, if it could run from the SD card as well.
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    Interesting thread, here are my cents (web designer, so I see things a bit differently):

    - Should be at least where Blazer/Opera is in terms of downloading/processing HTML quickly, then pull images, then finally CSS and scripts
    - most definitely should support CSS2.1 and the @media screen, handheld, and aural profiles
    - cache to SD card option, with no download limit
    - frames support
    - single column view as well as a standard view
    - versatile bookmarks manager
    - some AJAX support (if possible, but there is enough horsepower in Treos so that should be able to happen)
    - ability to turn on/off server side scripting
    - download to card option for pages (download entire page, FF/IE like)
    - RSS integration (either point to existing RSS app for viewing/importing, or support RSS within the browser)
    - simple interface (keypad, 5way, and stylus accessible navagibility)
    - tabs for either multiple pages and/or bookmark and download tabs to be easily switched to from the current browser page; if tabs for multiple pages, limit to 3 pages open at most

    That is about all at this point. Personally, I'd like to see it as a native PalmOS program, but a Java-based program is I guess the next best way to do it.
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