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    Seidio has a 3.6v 2400mah extended battery.

    Ebay has some sellers that use a 3.7v 2400mah battery.

    Anyone know which is better?

    3.7 v is the original palm battery voltage. Does the .1 actually make a difference?

    Seidio seems like it would be a more reliable seller then ebay, but I would get it from ebay if the voltage is going to make any difference.

    Anyone tried the ebay batteries?
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    .1 will not matter...some companys show avg discharge voltage some show peak voltage...
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    I actually charged up my old Treo OEM battery and the Seidio 2200mah 3.6v battery.

    The Seidio and the Treo both had approximately the same voltage ~3.6V, so the 3.7v thing is either worse or no better then the Seidio.

    One thing that I found interesting is that the oem palm battery had some voltage on other contacts where there was none on the Seidio battery. Anyone know what the different metal contacts on Palm batteries actually do?

    Is there something the Seidio battery is lacking by not have power on these contacts?
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    Yes, the seidio battery doesn't keep the JTAG port in the held off state. It doesn't really matter, it's just a matter of proper engineering and seidio's batteries design didn't have access to the proper spec.
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    Shadow: Didn't realize you were still hanging around here... Thanks for the info!

    So what is the JTAG port? do you have info on your web-site.

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