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    Hello all,

    I got my 700p a few months ago through Sprint. If I were to sell my Treo 700p, will the remaining 1 year warranty transfer over to the new owner over Sprint? Meaning will the warranty work be serviceable through Sprint and not Palm for the new owner.


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    i dont think so. i would have whoever buys it put lockline on it when they activate it. if you have a phone worth 600 bucks, whats 6/month for insurance.
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    It should but, judging from the discussions here, I wouldn't count on it and agree with the previous poster that the $6 insurance is highly advisable.
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    I want to buy a 2nd Sprint 700p from a friend, but it freezes at the Access bootup screen. Tried hard resets, removing the battery, etc but it does not help. He did not have the Sprint insurance and it well enough off that he does not want to mess with Palm and the warranty.

    If I buy this from him, could I get it replaced by Palm or Sprint since I am not the original buyer?
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