I love gadgets, and for me to say that I am tired of trying to find a good bluetooth headset is saying a lot - but I am tired. Nothing seems to work like it should, even if you spend the money.

With the 700p I thought I did it right, ordered the very expensive Palm Ultralight - no good, 1.5 second lag, bla, bla, bla. Then I got the SonyE HBH-GV435, well, this one connects great, works pretty much right on, except for me ... Not loud enough in noiser places.

So, tired of spending money, at my sisterís and see a Plantronics 320, ah, I'll give it a whirl. You know, worked perfect. Connect as fast as the SE, was a bit louder, worked WAY better than the rebranded Plantronics 645 aka Palm Ultralight (no lag), and the price, well heck, it can be had for $39.95 - vs the $100 for the palm ultra-nothing, or the SE HBH-GV435 for 84.95 (well, I paided over $100 right here for the early adapter fee).

All this to say, I will probably use the 320 - hard to believe, unless the Palm Ultralight, which I sent in to plantronics comes back working better, which of course was the cheapest of all and not even the Plantronics flag ship headset.

Hope this helps someone - money doesnít mean service ...

Oh, one more thing, I was told, for the first time using the 320, they could not tell I was on a headset ... Go figure.