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    If I have a computer near by with bluetooth and an active connection to the net and for various reasons (use your imagination) can't use the computer, but can use the 700p. Is there a way to get a net connection on the 700p through bluetooth to the laptop and onwards to the internet? Is it possible? How?
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    Don't you have a data plan with your treo already? You want to go online with your laptop or the treo?
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    There is no reception where I need to connect. Otherwise I'd use the data plan. So is there any way to use bluetooth? I want to go online with the TREO, THROUGH the laptop, using bluetooth. I guess it's like reverse tethering.
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    I seen that in here somewhere! do a search. ALso why the heck would you want to use your treo when you have a perfectly good laptop nearby?

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    did some searches, can't find it, if you have a link, that would be gold.
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    Search in the 650 forum, there is a long post from a while ago there. Same principles should apply to the 700.

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