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    I haven't been able to SEND SMS for at least half the day. This really pisses me off, because you get no confirmation when something does not go through.

    Is this my 700p???
    The network???

    Any way to test?

    I seem to be RECEIVING them, okay.
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    Who's your carrier? Call 'em up and accuse them of having an SMS-eating virus in their network.

    Have you tried sitting next to someone with a cell phone so you can text them and see what happens? Have you tried texting yourself? (This last thing is something I do when I'm very very bored since I have the unlimited text messaging package from T-Mobile. You have to be really in dullsville to send text smileys to yourself).
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    um... if a text doesnt go through, you generally get an error, and the text appears in red. If you look up top, in Messenger, it says Inbox, you change that to sent, and you can see all your sent messages.... but id go to options, and enable conversation on all messages, cause it rules.
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    Same....looks like Sprint is added again. My wife, daughter & I have NOT received any of them. Then suddenly 5 mins ago, they started coming in. This is really, really getting old.
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    Most SMS quirks are carrier related. I have to implore my girlfriend to understand that sometimes/often text messages can take five, ten or fifteen minutes to arrive, and sometimes they are lost altogther. These happenstances are less frequent than they once were, but with the increasing dependance on SMS and the expectation for quality and integrity the hiccoughs are more noticable - especially when you KNOW that someone is getting P*SSED because you haven't responded to her, or your text messages have arrived out of sequence. Nothing guarantees a carrier glitch like receiving a text message from your girlfriend that reads "You don't really love me, do you?". It could take an hour for the system to respond to an incoming message like THAT...

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