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    I got past the "place in the cradle" error eventually, by repeatedly attempting OTA setups. Finally it worked.

    NOW, however, my phone becomes unusable as soon as GoodLink prompts me for a password (which is mandated by the IT policy). Where I would normally see the password screen, I now see a blank white screen - and I'm unable to enter the password or close out of the screen. A soft reboot resets the phone, but then as soon as I am prompted for the GoodLink password the same thing happens.

    I'm doing an OTA install on my Cingular 8125. Everything installs fine, but upon rebooting the phone GoodLink does not start. When I try to start up GoodLink, I'm greeted with a white window that says "Place in the cradle and run setup to personlize your handheld."

    Can anybody help me? Thanks!!
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    What version of GMM are you running?
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    I'm an end user, and OTA setup from seems to automatically load GoodLink 4.7 (WM5 PocketPC version).
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    Talk to your GMM admin and have them upgrade to version 4.9

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