I know many have the same problem but still posting my issue to get some help. few days back my speakerphone icon disappeared (I know headset jack problem) and so I called palm. they asked me to insert the headset and actually the problem went away.. but yesterday I had the problem again so I just called palm and talking to the rep for a while...she said ur HW is defective and in order to get a service order request I have to pay $199!!! wtf...b4 it used to be $25 for refurbshed units and no charge if you want to repair ur defective unit...i could get a new device with that price ofcourse getting a new plan...so I just said no I don't want to pay that much and she said well you can call us back with the same service request # if you decide later on.
It seems like we GSM unlocked people have no choice once the unit breaks. Seriously even though I love my treo but if this is the palm's response then I am definitely not buying any palm's product again. Anyway I don't know what to do now...also I use T-Mo so can't even ask them to do anything!!