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    Tried a hard luck.

    The touch screen works fine and I've babied this puppy like you wouldn't believe but the thing is out of warranty and I'm afraid I'm SCREWED.

    Anyone in Los Angeles work on these things?

    If not, can anyone lead me to the best deal on a cheap refurb or used one? I don't want to pay big bucks knowing the 700P is on the way soon...
    1. HTC Touch Dual Neon 300, Stock Rom
    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    You might look on youtube or google video for examples of how to open the 650 and just open it up and re-connect the keyboard connector, it might help. Or maybe something is wedged and just opening it up and cleaning might help.

    Torx 5 I think is what's needed, but you can find the definitive information around. Sears carries that sort of tool if nowhere else.
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    it just started working again!
    1. HTC Touch Dual Neon 300, Stock Rom
    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    If it dies again Craigslist might be your friend. You get to fondle the merchandise before buying it (because you'd be looking at, which makes me happier than spending a bundle on eBay and crossing my fingers.

    I bought a T-mobile Blackberry off Craigslist once that way, when I harbored some ill will against the Treo 650. But I got over it and came back to the 650. Unfortunately the BB is still gathering dust at home. Gotta send it back to Craigslist.

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