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    I noticed that several of my channels (non-custom) were larger, and didn't give me all the information I'm used to getting. "This page is not available on the device." When I logged on to AvantGo, I found that I could no longer modify these channels like I had before. I usually have all off-site links OFF, but now they are ON, taking up space, increasing my channels.

    Example - this is now VisorCentral's channel:
    Maximum Channel Size:___k
    Link Depth: 2 *
    Include Images: Yes No
    Follow Off-Site Links: Yes *

    * These properties are managed by this channel's provider and cannot be modified by the user.

    Fortunately, VC lets us set our preferences from the PDA - in "edit preferences", but other channels don't offer that option.

    Is anyone else getting this too?
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    No.. and your avatar is the bomb
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    Originally posted by mrknowitall
    No.. and your avatar is the bomb
    Thanks, I did a right-click on some discussion board somewhere, and saved the little smiley - I though it was cute. I'm probably going to move it to my signature once I shrink down the picture I really want as my avatar....

    On the AvantGo issue, I'm still getting the same thing for all my subcribed channels that AvantGo supplies - I can't modify the "Link Depth" or the "Follow Off-Site Links" options.
    "Attitudes are contagious... Is YOURS worth catching?"
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    I was reading up about the AvantGo problem on PDAlive last week about this problem. Apparently, AvantGo changed some stuff around and these settings got messed up. Even with AvantGo's cooperation, it still took a couple of weeks for PDAlive to fix the settings. You may want to contact the channel owner and have them go back and fix their settings. All should be good now.



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