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    ok I am going back and forth with my company on why I want to keep the my unlock cingular treo and not get a blackberry (bb is used company wide).

    I wanted to see if chattermail with the EX plug in does the following:

    1) Does my pc need to stay on all the time?

    2) Does it sync over the air the calendar, tasks, contacts (calendar/contacts is very important for me) or will it sync via hardwire as an option?

    3) Also I have alot of subfolders in my inbox that have rules set up to direct the email to the appropriate subfolder. Willl chatteremail open up the emails in the subfolders as well or only open up the emails in the main inbox folder?

    4) My company uses to log in to get email. When I log in it takes me to my email which shows Outlook web access and all my emails etc... Will the Ex plug in work with this or what do I need from my IT dept to get it to work with the Ex plug in.

    5) open attachements with docs 2 go?

    Now is the Blackberry connect an option that I can use as well? Does it sync the calendar and contacts and show all the subfolders? I have read that it has problems with attachements as well. Anyone get it to work on cingular svc?
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    1) No, your PC isn't involved

    2) No, just email

    3) All folders, if you like.

    4) No IT involvement, BUT a few installations won't work with it, so you'd have to try.

    5) Yes

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    is there another program program that can sync my outlook calendar and contacts with my treo??
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    You can hotsync them, of course, if they don't need to be continuously up-to-date.

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    what about over the air sync. when I put something in my calendar in my treo it will automatically update my outlook calendar on my pc?
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    No, ChatterEmail is just an email application at the moment.

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    Versamail 3.5 with ActiveSync on an exchange server may not have push facilities of chattermail but it will allow up 5 minutes of schedule sync of mail, contacts and calendar. Since I do not like my personal information mixed in with corporate, I only enabled the service when I am going to be out of the office and deleted the account at the end of day. As a result, I have to delete my personal contacts and calendar information out of outlook after the sync has been done throughout the day.

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