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    My friend just got a ppc6700. Why is his powervision so much faster? I have seen a few threads about how to speed up connection..... But it makes no sense how we are both on the same network, and his is so fast out of the box. His 6700 is almost as fast as my cable modem at times. Could it be the processor, or the browser? By the way, I know the 6700 has WIFI, but we were doing side by side comparisons downloading the same web pages while his WIFI was turned off. We were both on the powevision network. His ppc6700 just blew my treo out of the water.

    I quickly skimmed this article and thought.......maybe new phones are somehow taking advantage of this new revision???

    And this is interesting.

    Im confused!

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    Unfortunately, it's true that Blazer's browsing speeds are much slower than Windows Mobile IE - even on the same broadband network. I'm not sure if it's a limitation of Blazer or the Palm OS. I'm going to install Opera and that Netfront browser floating around to see if they're faster. If not, oh well. Fortunately, there's more to the Treo than just web browsing.
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    Yes, there are so many advantages with a treo, I'm not going to lose sleep over it. I have had a treo 600. Then, 700p. But, if there is any way to optimize browsing speeds, I will try just about anything! I was going to try opera too, let us know what happens, please!
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    Trust me when you use the treo with your laptop its just as fast , i guess blazer cant take advantage of the internet speed
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    Really? Then it can't be blamed on the hardware. Or am I missing something? If the treo can hit higher speeds while being used as a modem, then the hardware is capable or recieving much faster than what we actually get, right? That points everything to blazer. So shouldn't this fix be as simple as getting a better browser?
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    I've never used a 700w for too long, but I've heard it's pretty snappy when not its not going through one of its memory spasms, and that's basically the same hardware as the, software does differentiate the two.

    Blazer has a long history of slowitude and it looks like Palm's priority in its development is compatibility over speed tweaks.

    As for our choices, a few of them (Netfront, web pro) are based on the same sources as Blazer is, so you won't find much difference there. Your only real alternatives are Xiino & Opera (and perhaps webviewer, but I don't think you can register that any more), and each of those has their own set of limits that won't allow them to replace Blazer in the end. It's a juggling act, I try to keep as many as I can on my device, just in case.
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    It's the 700p as a PDA that is slow, not the network connection. Out of the box the 700p has slower data access speeds than the 650 even. Blazer doesn't help. Get a stopwatch and do a few 600kb tests on dslreports, and pay attention. The downloading of the content isn't the only thing you're waiting for to finish before you can view your expected webpage.

    I'm ready for a firmware update.
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    Are you using a Launcher, I remember reading that slowed some people down depending on the launcher you have. Also, are you using Versamail? That was the kickker for me.

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    I think with a Firmware update alot of the problems should be fixed, i remember the 650 had alot of problems when released and after a few updates, it becase kind of Smartphones
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    I just upgraded from the 650 less than 2 weeks ago. I have not put any of my 3rd party apps on yet. I was using quite a few of them on my 650, but figured I could do without them for awhile to keep my handheld clean. I was using zlauncher for my launcher, and snapper for my mail. I figured I would give versamial a try since it seems to have some improvements since I had a 600.

    So Grundig, you say versamail was a kicker for you, can you delete versamail without changing the ROM? What did you to with your versamail, just delete it's accounts? If I don't use use versamail (which I am starting to think I don't like) I will want to put zlauncher and snapper back on. So is zlauncher a problem too?

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