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    I'm using a Treo 700p with LauncherX, and many of the apps that I try installing on the memory card cannot find the database. Even though LauncherX shows the directory correct, and the software instructions say it is capable of running on the memory card, it still can't find it. The 3 most recent programs I'm having a problem with are EBM, USDA, and Mdrink.

    I install the software just fine using Palm Quick Install, but cannot run the apps because the database isn't being found. I'm a newbie with this, so it's very possible I could be doing something wrong.

    Any suggestions?

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    you can install them in the internal memory and after transfer to card using LaunxherX or ZLink.
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    Try creating a shortcut in RAM for each of the apps (drag the icon to the LX card tools icon and select Create Shortcut), then do a soft reset.
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