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    Hello: Just put a T-Mobile SIM into my Treo 650, which was an ATT Business / Cingular locked phone. My newly unlocked Treo 650 Immediately recognized it: its truly unlocked ! I successfully made a call via T-Mobile on my ATT/Cingular phone just to verify.

    And I did it all on my Mac. (OSX 10.4.7, btw) It cost a total of $15.
    (And it's even easier to do on a Mac than on a PC !)

    For some reason, the ATT/Cingular Cust Svc reps just refuse to give the Subsidy unlock code to Treo 650's that were originally ATT phones. I was out of contract, and I did all the begging tricks: ie: "I'm going out of the country, need to unlock to use foreign SIMs", etc... Tried writing and and calling various times, they just wouldn't give up the *#*#xxxxxxxx# Subsidy unlock code that is needed to be successful. I later found out they refuse all former ATT subsidy Unlock code requests for Treo 650's..

    Quite a few PC users mentioned using 650Unlock .com to get their Treo's unlocked, I went to their site, and discovered they had a link regarding a Mac OSX beta program. Cool. I am hardcore Mac tech, and knew it was just a matter of time.

    It works. Hassle free, done with a Palm prc file, not dangerous at all !

    First, you go to 650Unlock's new beta page for Mac OSX:

    In instruction #1, you download a zip file, which contains the "unlock650.prc" file. Double-click it to unzip, and hotsync install the prc file via traditional Palm sync methods.

    It installs the prc file on your Treo 650; You then run this file on your Treo 650. The program creates a Memo file in your Treo's "Memo" application. The Memo file is called "Unlock Data", and it has a lot of data.

    You sync again, to put the Memo file onto the Memo section of your Palm Desktop application on your Mac. You do this because it has a LOT of esoteric code in the Unlock Data Memo, that you need to copy and paste into 650Unlock's webpage, in the area mentioned in instruction #7.

    This code confirms whether your Treo 650 is unlockable.
    The data you paste is bracketed between some markers that say:
    "-- 8< --"
    (in front and at the end of all the alphanumeric data)
    Paste all the data between these markers, but not the markers
    themselves, into the area mentioned in instruction #7.

    You do all this to confirm that your phone is unlockable BEFORE you attempt to purchase an Unlock code.

    Once confirmed as unlockable, you purchase a "Registration" code, as mentioned in instruction #9.

    Once you purchase the registration code for $15, this is used to retrieve the SUBSIDY UNLOCK CODE. Print out this page, and write it down, it is very important. It is in this format:
    * # * # 12345678 #

    Ignore instructions # 14 and 15 from the Mac Instructions page. It's convoluted and misleading, and probably wrong.

    Once you get the "*#*#xxxxxxxx#" unlock number, remove your battery for 10+ seconds, then put battery back in, then turn phone back on, and get your phone signal back on. Then go to your phone application, making sure your phone carrier signal is on; then just enter the number exactly as Found, and hit "Dial"

    You should then get a message that says:
    "The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone"

    You are done! Test it, by using a SIM card from a different carrier.
    (you can then delete the "unlock650.prc" file using FileZ or similar)

    I wrote down these instructions because the Mac beta website is convoluted, and somewhat confusing. I had to read it about 3 or 4 times to make heads or tails. I already wrote them to help them correct the grammar, etc, and logic of their page, but with diligence you will figure it out also. It's worth $15, in my opinion. (P.S: Of course I am NOT affiliated with them...)
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    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked : AT&T/Cingular
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    It looks like the folks at 650Unlock have taken many of my suggested corrections and upgraded their Mac OSX instruction page, and are now turning it into a page that may do both Mac and PC the same way; their website has been substantially upgraded and corrected since my original post. It's more accurate now (not perfect, but way better....)
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