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    Well, I've had my Treo 650 (my first PDA) all of four days now and I think I've slept that many hours each night since. I've got a decent ROM stripped of all the crap with fat32 added. I've been installing and uninstalling freeware and shareware like crazy and I've got a 2g SD card ordered for music and movies. I have several projects underway: streaming audio from my home server using ICEcast, an application especially taylored to my business to tabulate bills (I haven't even started coding yet... I'm guessing I can do midlets as on my old Nokia with Java installed?), eventually I'll get my BT GPS working w/ one of the mapping programs too. Oh, I think I'm going to try reverse DUN (I have a use for it), also I have to code something to keep track of my workouts.... AND SWEET JESUS I HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM THIS THING FOR TEN MINUTES.

    So anyway, I'm wondering if anyone's heard of a simple client-server application that I can use to execute commands on my server from my Treo via T-Mobileweb. A simple GUI of configurable buttons would be great, and I don't even mind installing something on my server if I have to. This is the first thing I'd like to get done. You see, my whole entertainment center is controlled by my HTPC (the server) and if I could just tie this thing to Girder somehow, I could access my stereo, TV, lights, etc...

    I know I can use telnet, but I was hoping to find something made already with a GUI, at least for now.
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    Alright, screw you guys. I figured it out myself. Port 1025 is open on T-mobileweb and I just made an http server that runs commands.
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    BTW, try EarthComber for your mapping. Free, good maps, works well with BT GPS, etc.

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