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    I have many oft-used apps loaded on my SD card: Bibles, NESem, Filez, TCPMP, Sound Recorder to name a few. If I use my stylus to select the "card" tab from the drop-down list at the top (to bring up the tab with all the apps installed on my card) then tap a program installed on the card and start it up, when I hit the "home" key and exit the app, it returns me to the "card" tab - which is what I want.

    BUT - if, instead of using the stylus to select the card tab, I just press the "home" key several times until it brings me to the "card" tab, THEN when I open and app and use the home key to exit the app, instead of bringing me to the "Card" tab where I just was, it brings me to the "utilities" tab EVERY time ("utilities" is right in front of "card" in terms of the order of the tabs).

    Why does it do this/ can I fix it and make it stop behaving this way?
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    You might have no need for it, but a replacement launcher like ZLauncher lets you place apps wherever you want in the tabs, so instead of grouping by Categories and SD apps, you can group by "Utils" or "Communications" etc. Plus you save more space by moving the application data to the SD card too, as ZLauncher can do that instead of just the application itself.
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    You can use PowerRUN, then you can put them anywhere you want, although the names will have an * next to it. I like it, it's small and gets the job done. I tried the launchers, and it seemed like something I didn't really need. I'm happy with the standard stuff I guess.
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    I've noticed that too, but it doesn't bother me. I'm used to it.

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