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       #1 least around here for the 700p? Most of the time it appears the 650 forum has a lot more eyeballs these days then the 700p.

    When the 650 came out, everyone bolted the T600 forum. I guess I expected the 700p forum to be the way the 650 forum was when it was first released. Maybe it's because the 650-700 is considered more of a half-step upgrade for some people.

    I guess not as many people chose to upgraded from their 650's...myself included. Just thought it was kind of interesting.
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    Well, 700p is only available for Verizon Wireless and Sprint. A lot of GSM users who are on 650 (or 600) won't just 'upgrade' and ditch their current providers. This may be one of the reasons.
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    "Is the bloom off the rose..." Nice title!
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    And the mad rush went part to the 700p forum and part to the 700w forum.
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    Nah, my 700p still blooms daily...

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