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    I just joined and have downloaded my first file. I am putting it on a SD card and trying to play it with pTunes V3.0.9 (what came free with the phone)

    The file won't play in any format that Audible provides. They don't say what they are but number 4 is discribed by audible as "mp3 like." Not sure what that means.

    Any help getting the files to play would be great! I can play mp3's from cd's without a problem. Just not these files.

    Thanks everyone!
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    I've never tried to play an Audible file on Pocket Tunes, but I'm almost sure it won't work. You need to use Audible's software. The reason, I think, is that Audible's software can make sure that you are the person who is authorized to play the audio book. If the audio file could be played on any mp3 player, then once they sold you a book they would be at risk of you sending it to everyone you knew.

    Here's the link for the free Audible player:
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    Thanks for the link. Doesn't seem to have a player for the 700p like it states. I have read on these forums that people play these files on their 700P.
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    Use the player for the 650. It should work fine.
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    tried that and its a no go.
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    Try this should also check out the AudibleAir application. it is pretty cool. There was a review on TC a couple of months ago on AudibleAir...good read.
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    I'm running the 650 program and it works fine. If you're having trouble, you might give Audible's customer service line a call. They're terrific.
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    I will give those a try. Thanks guys.
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    Only Formats 2 and 3 play on Treos, not 4, so this is most likely your problem once you have the Audible player installed.
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    Just for the future searches- My problem was that the program was syncing with my other user name. I have two palm devices on one computer. The program does work with the treo 700p and the software you need to download is for the 600/650 treos and use format 2 or 3. Thanks for all the help from TC users.
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    Question: have you tried having AudibleAir automatically refresh portions of file (1 hour at a time, for example)?

    If so, does it work correctly for you?

    It seems to work for me, but it forces a reboot of the phone right after downloading the file.
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