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    Hi all, I did a quick search on my Treo, and didn't see anything on this....does anyone know how to type a special character into a text entry field in Opera Mini 2.0? Everytime I do the usual keystroke, a ? is typed instead of allowing me to choose from the list of optional characters. I'm trying to access a website where my password has a special character. Anyone have a solution?
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    There is no way, java is horrible like that.

    You can't type "_" in the url in the IBM JVM app either.
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    sure you can... in a text field hit your Alt key and it will bring up the keyboard where you can select the special characters etc.

    At least it seems to work fine on the home page where you can enter a website address.
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    All I get is a question mark ? whenever I press the ALT key. Anybody has fixed this problem?


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