This problem just sprang up on my Sprint 700p. Please help, as it's a mystery to me.

When I go into Docs To Go, it's now showing all my individual notes from my Memo pad. It's showing these Memos as Word files, but when I tap into any of these Memo files, I get a blank screen. The Memo files cannot be read from Docs To Go, even though the Memo title lines are shown.

This is a huge problem because I have many Memo files, and they are all showing up in my Docs To Go menu, and even worse, they show up as blank screens, which means it's just taking up wasted space.

Fortunately, the actual files in my Memo pads is left untouched. The only thing I've done recently was trying to install a free dictionary program, which I had a problem with and subsequently uninstalled. After installing this free dictionary program is when this Docs To Go problem started showing up. I don't know if these 2 things are related.

I also tried reinstalling Docs To Go from the Sprint CD to try to overwrite the existing Docs To Go on my Treo, but this didn't help. It's weird, because when I click on Docs To Go app on the desktop computer, it only shows my true Word files, not my Memo files, so I don't know why my Treo 700p would show both my Word files and Memo files combined together.

I'm really scratching my head! I don't want to do a hard reset. Advice please! Thanks! Casey.