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    I feel as if I am constantly being punished for being a loyal Mac user of 15 years. I am sure we have all had our ongoing issues over the years as Mac users: Lack of software and support.

    I'm hoping someone can offer some sound advice or at the very least enough of us can get together to solve what i see are some of our shared concerns.

    As I read through thread after thread it would appear that the Palm OS has at the very least an uncertain future. Even if Palm OS will stick around for a bit longer it is incredibly out of date.

    I am looking to move to a more current mobile OS as soon as possible. It would seem that the other two options out there are Symbian and Windows Mobile. I have read a bit about PocketMac and it appears to have some compatibility with Mac's native iCal and Address book in addition to Microsoft Entourage (and all that's included).

    I have been using the Treo 650 with Cingular for almost a year and want to keep Cingular here in LA. I still want to stay with Mac.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How do I successfully move into a new Mobile OS from Palm and cleanly make that transfer of all information?
    2. Which OS do I move to?
    3. How big of a nightmare is it to move everything over from Palm?
    4. Is the best idea to move everything over from Palm to the native Mac applications or is there a 3rd party application that will handle it better?

    All of my information in Palm is irreplaceable. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

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    nothing I have seen comes close to a treo a mac and missing sync O and datebk doesn't hurt either
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    So you haven't seen anything better? What about time running out on Palm OS?
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    I think it's a little early to count the PalmOS out just yet.

    I've switched to a 700w and am a Mac guy 90% of the time. I run into difficulties here and there - esp. trying to install files that only come down as .exe . Missing Sync works ok - actually there are some bugs but I'm discovering that it's the fault of Sync Services and not of the Missing Sync. I haven't tried out activesync via virtualPC yet, but I'm guessing it's going to be a nightmare.

    So yeah, 700w can sync with a mac for basic stuff, but you're likely going to need a PC around from time to time.
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    Why exactly is Palm OS out of date? I have used a 700W, motorola Q and a Blackberry (recent models) and find them incredibly frustrating compared to a Treo 650 or 700P. What features are you trying to achieve that the Treo doesn't have and the others do? I agree that it is in need of a refresh, but don't see how, even as old as it is, that it's inferior to the others.
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    you bring up a good point. I have never used Windows Mobile. I don't even know how well it works or if I would prefer it. To answer your question about Palm being out of date, it is basically the same software for almost 8 years. Very few updates, very unstable. At least once a month I have to relabel or recategorize my contacts because Palm randomly mislabels them. There still is not scheduling events beyond midnight for the same event. I regularly have issues with information just simply not syncing out of Palm. These are just a few of the examples off the top of my head.


    So the Windows Mobile software that came with your 700W is Mac compatible? Are you using Microsoft Entourage and iCal and Mac Address book, etc...

    Thanks for the response from you both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejoshuatree

    So the Windows Mobile software that came with your 700W is Mac compatible? Are you using Microsoft Entourage and iCal and Mac Address book, etc...

    Thanks for the response from you both.

    Nope, not at all. But the Missing Sync WM5 version syncs up everything fairly well. As I said, there are a few snags, but for basic stuff I'm pretty happy with it.
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    I've been using Palm OS since it started. The fact that it's 8 years old doesn't make it bad. I have NEVER experienced anything like your problem that causes you to "relabel or recategorize my contacts because Palm randomly mislabels them". The "unstable" issue on the 650 was solved many months ago with the latest update. Almost every instance of trouble now has to do with non-Palm software that isn't written correctly - not Palm's fault. I use DateBK and it schedules events past midnight just fine. I'm using a MacBookPro and the latest MissingSync and EVERYTHING syncs perfectly. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I'm a little tierd of the PALM bashing. It's a PDA - not a full computer and it does what it is designed to do very well. If I want to write a book or spend all day on the web I use my laptop. I use my Palm as a phone, to check email (and write short responses), to keep my expenses, check movie times, keep my travel information, keep track of my stocks, , keep a database of my DVD and CD collections, show pictures of my family, check on flight status, lookup subway routes and a dozen or more things - all without crashing. I use it all day and NEVER run out of battery. Is it perfect? NO! But then again, what is?

    Don't blame the tool.
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    thanks for the info.


    does DateBK give you desktop software where you can enter all of your scheduling information or are you entering all of your events straight on your Treo?

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    Sounds like we have similar setups. I've got a 650 w/ Cingular and I'm a MacOS user, albeit on a Macbook and a MacBook Pro (being used as my desktop with a 21" LCD).

    Right now I prefer to use the PalmOS Desktop software, I don't use Missing Sync to sync to iCal or address book. I do use it to sync up video and audio though, very nice application.

    I've tried the Windows Mobile OS a number of times. I used the "old" 5600 (WM 2003 second edition), a 2125 and an 8125. The OS you should stick with is really dependant on what you do. I don't need Exchange connectivity (if I did I could use ChatterMail w/ their Exchange plugin I guess), I dont' need Blackberry like email functionality (although I have it with a account and Chattermail), I dont' do much in the way of audio or video (I have a couple iPods, but I do put a couple Podcasts on it so I can listen in the car). I needed a good PIM set-up. Datebk is great, it's very robust, but I don't use it - I just need categories and have a lot of single-day, single-time appointments. My task list is simple, I use the notepad and voice recorder.

    I'm an IT Director at work for a Windows Environment, and I just didn't want to deal with the kludge of the Windows OS on my phone. The PalmOS isn't perfect, it's quite long in the tooth, and it does have its glitches, but I'm sticking iwth it.

    Palm's calendar function is really more of a subset of the funcionality of Datebk. think of Datebk as Palm's calendar on steroids. you can create appts. on your desktop app of choice or on your Treo itself.
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    I don't know for sure if DateBK gives you what you are asking about. I enter everything right on my Treo and then sync it to my Mac.
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    thanks again for the information.


    I really appreciate your response. It does sound like we have a similar setup. I solely use the Palm desktop software for all of my contact/calendar/memo information. I'm a cop and I keep all of my arrest and court information in the memo section of Palm desktop so i can sync it with my Treo and always have it with me. I work nights (1700-0600) so every work shift that I schedule on Palm as an appointment has to be split into two appointments since Palm doesn't schedule appointments past midnight. pcboy says that Datebook will schedule my appointments past midnight but only if I enter them directly on my Treo (if I understand correctly). Additionally as I mentioned above, Palm relabels and recategorizes all of my contacts about once a month or so. It's very frustrating to have to go back in and re-work all of them every 6 weeks.

    If I understand you correctly in addition to using Palm you also use the Apple address book and iCal? Is there a smooth way to transfer all that information out of Palm into those applications?

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    One (long) word - MissingSync!
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    thanks again for your response. I'll check out MissingSync.

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    I also use the Palm Desktop on a Macbook Pro. I'd love to switch to using iCal & the mac address book but have never been able to get Missing Sync to work correctly. I have a large multi-year datebook database (>5k events) and Missing Sync would take forever to sync and most the time not finish. Support from M.S. was slow, frustrating, and ultimately unable to help. In contrast, the Palm Desktop-Treo sync on the Macbook Pro takes a few seconds and never fails. I haven't tried Missing Sync for about 6 mos; is it better now? (Also, with all problems I had Missing Sync support would tell me to have the Mac databases overwrite the Treo although I could never get the a complete correct copy of the datebook into iCal). Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
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    I have been trying out Agendus Pro with missing sync (used it for years) and really like Agendus, but it seems to crash the old 650. Like many times before, I had the treo working great and then got an idea to try something new. Most treo / mac users will tell you that the trial and error of getting your treo to do what you want and do it without fussing is a challenge, but rewarding in the end when you find your perfect setup.
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    I sync my treo calendar (-w-datebk6),tasks, to ical.(Tasks syncs with ToDos),memos to missing syncs own memo desktop program,contacts syncs to Address Book and all of my phone calls are perfectly logged by freeware (donate)"TreoCallLog" It took a while to get stuff going but trust me, If I can do it, You can to! I use it for my daily plumbing appointments and other ToDos,lists and memos 'Presently I have 19 different color coded Appt.-Categories that sync with calendars and ToDo. Like:"To Arrange" ,"To Do","To Bill", "Billed"," Paid","Personal","HomeWork" etc. Then I can change my entries to different color/category as Appropriate (haven't been able to use DateBk icons on iCal yet) but The more I work with it the cooler it gets. (most of the time) and the best Thing about Palm and Macintosh and DateBk,and missing sync is they are all keep getting better and better! . I don't know how but even my iCal alarms work on my treo ! Let me tell you I am a severe and with out a calendar I'm on permanent lunch!So.... Don't give up,and always ...BACK YOUR SHIP UP!!!!

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