I have been asked by a software house who produces a development system called CASL http://www.caslsoft.com/ to review their latest version detailed on that site. It sells for $299.00. None of my staff of writers are developers, nor am I.

I am putting out an open call here for an experienced Palm Developer who also has writing skills who would be interested in and commit to reviewing CASL. The selected developer would get a FREE unlock registration key for this $299.00 product including phone and email support from CASLsoft. CASL can be used to create applications for the Treo 600, 650 and 700p (among many other Palm and PocketPC/Windows Mobile devices). If you also create PocketPC apps (for the 700w).. so much the better.

I'm looking for an experienced developer who could evaluate the product, use it to create a couple of programs, describe its use, and knock out a review of about 2000 to 3000 words or so. You don't have to write like Hemingway - the review would come to me (along with screenshots you make) and I'll Edit it.

Payment for the review is negotiable.

If you are an experienced Palm developer and are interested in taking on this assignment (I can only give it to one person and would prefer to deal with someone in the USA as phone communications would be required) please email me at harv at treocentral dot com with your name, references or pointers to any Palm apps you've developed, whether you have any experience with earlier versions of CASL or are familiar with it and we can discuss it. You'd have about a month to play with CASL and then knock out a review of it. Your byline would be on the review which would appear on the front page of TC.

This is not a call for a regular full or part time staff writer. Just this one product and one review. If selected, you get to keep one registered copy of this $299.00 product and make some money for writing the review. I will generate a short contractural agreement. I cannot supply you with any required computer hardware. Just a code to register CASL for a single user.

I need someone who is an experienced developer with a track record of released programs, (they MUST be Treo-friendly apps..) .. whether freeware, shareware, or commercial, and someone who has the time to devote to this and can be quickly responsive to email or phone calls.

If you qualify and are interested, please email me with your qualifications as described above.