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    My voicemail actually emails me the message in a WAV format, however, VersaMail and the SprintBC mail doesn't allow me to play this attachment. Is there anyway for me to fix this short or downloading something like Chattermail?

    Chattermail is worthless to me without contacts and a calendar.. which is what SprintBC mail provides.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    This may be a little different but I tried emailing a WAV file to myself to use as a ringtone. I used both Sprint BC and versamail. It accepted both files into voice recorder and transferred them to ringtones but the file has no audio, so it's useless.
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    I believe that most voicemail systems utilize a compressed WAV format that requires specific software to decode. For example, I know that our Toshiba phone system uses a compression algorithm that is not recognized by any Palm OS software that I have discovered (Toshiba provides an audio codec for Windows).

    You might want to try mVoice from Motionapps ( I THINK it has the ability to decode several compressed wav formats (although, last I checked, not Toshiba's).

    Finally, you could set your phone system so that it does NOT compress the wav file. However, this would obviously result in very large VM attachments.
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    That program from Motion Apps works great. I can now just click the attached VM and listen to it without issue. What sucks is it's either $19.99 to buy or $39.... and I have no idea which level I need to buy as the demo is the better of the two.

    Anyone know how I would distinguish if my VM is compressed using one of the $39.99 codecs rather than the cheapo $19.99 codecs.

    If someone here has the $19.99 version could I forward them one of my VM's and see if you can hear it?

    I guess I'm being kinda cheap here but honestly I've probably spent $100 on software for my Treo already!

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    stryguy - I'm glad it works for you.

    You might want to forward a test VM email to the support folks at motionapps ( and ask them what codec (and therefore what version of mVoiceMail) is needed. I have emailed them in the past and they typically respond within one day.

    Good Luck.

    PS - I hear you on the cost. I am always hesitant to spend more $ on Palm software. But the flip side is that, if the program is worthwhile to me, I think the software developers should get a fair price. Of course, "fair price" is a relative term that will vary with each user.

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