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    i am new to the whole treo thing so please be easy on me.

    i had some trial programs that i wanted to get rid of and heard that when you uninstall from the treo you still have leftovers left one the device. programs like uninstall manager will do a better job removing but i thought " why dont i just hard reset." i have exchange active sycn for all my contacts and emails so its not that big of a deal to hard reset and just start over. i sill aleast have the unwanted programs totaly removed.

    my problem started with hot sync wanting to restore my device. it loaded everything i wanted to get rid off back on. i had to completely remove all palm desktop stuff and reinstall just to get a fresh copy of hot sync. there has to be an easier way.

    1) is there a way to remove the backup info so i can create a hot sync relationship with the same hot sync name with out all the old stuff?

    2) is there a way to remove programs from the device with hot sync?

    the second time i set up palm software i choose to keep palm desktop for everything. even tho i use outlook i wanted to try the palm desktop.

    3) how do i now get contacts and calendar stuff from my device onto the palm desktop? I allready have them on the device.

    i have looked through user manual and went through the help in hot sync but thay dont make it easy. can one of you vets out there help a neebee out and point me in the right direction. i'm use to active sync and intel sync. both seemed to be more user friendly. at least for the neebees

    thanks, cody

    ps: dont get me wrong... i love my treo
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    To run a fresh hotsync, rename your old backup folder to something like "Backup.08.15.06" and so forth and create a new (empty) Backup folder, then hotsync. I don't have the need for Palm Desktop. Then again I use a Mac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treodub View Post
    Then again I use a Mac.
    Me too - newbie question - what do you use?

    I've had a problem with Hotsync putting everything back on EXCEPT for my phone numbers... the one thing I really didn't want to type in myself. Any hints for a Mac user wishing Palm OS ran like Tiger?
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    Just use a program like zlauncher or Launcher x when you delete the app it deletes anything associated with it, and when you hotsync just make sure you right click the hotsync icon on the taskbar of the pc , and chose handheld wins if any conflict. the app should not be reinstalled

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