Hi everyone. I just switched to Sprint's Treo 650 from an unlocked GSM 650. I noticed that the 700p is a lot more prone to "hangs" than the 650 (sometimes I have to press the power button a few times to actually turn it off). Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also, I have started to look into getting some applications for my new device. I did not get a lot of applications for my 650; I think the only applications I installed were VeriChat and PAdict (very good freeware Japanese dictionary, kind of like wwwjdic in your pocket).

Now since my switch to the 700p, I have noticed that I am having a lot of problems getting web pages to display correctly on the web browser. Pages that displayed normally on my 650 were extremely butchered in unimaginable ways on the 700 (some pages have frames on top of frames on top of frames). I looked into ways to resolve that, and in the process of doing that, I found myself installing a whole ton of applications to my device. And that is why I am writing this thread:

What are some really good "must-have" palm apps that "work well" with the 700p? I am looking specifically for Palm exclusive programs, not "Palm versions" of programs available on other platforms. Basically, I'm looking for your opnions on what you think makes having a Palm worthwhile?

I really love PAdict, and the modified version of VeriChat. I used regular VeriChat on my 650 previous with T-Mobile, which had terrible reception in all the areas I needed it. So about 90% of all messages sent to me were just completely dropped without ever reaching me. One of the main drives for me to go Sprint was for better reception. And the EDVO was sexy too. But when I first switched to EDVO verichat, I had problems maintaining my connection. That problem was solved when someone released an editied version of VC that allowed me to use Data as a means for Always-On again.

I will proudly say I am staying with Palm because of VeriChat and PAdict. I've come to realize that what made Palm great wasn't Palm, it's the community.

Anyway, I am looking for suggestions for programs in the following categories:

Freebie utility gems like FileZ

More bang for your buck h4x like the tether hack

Web Browser: Blazer has aforementioned problems which I cannot resolve. I have tried numerous times to get Picsel Browser to work on my 700p, but it keeps going into a reset loop. I have Opera Mini, which is a good backup, but I am looking for something with an option to display pages in full size like Blazer's Wide Page mode.

Launcher: The main reason I want this was because the default palm launcher does not show highlighted text correctly after I installed FontSmoother (which I stumbled upon while trying to tune up Blazer). I am using Resco Explorer now, which works pretty well since it has a fairly clean default interface with options to minimize clutter.

Backup: I'm looking for something that has low maintenance (ie: an automated process that I don't have to babysit through).

Phone hack?: On the 650, I was able to set the phone's default lookup mode to contacts, and whenever I enter something that doesn't match my available contacts, it will automatically turn into number dialing. I see this feature was removed in the 700p and I have to specifically push the Option key before entering numbers or it will not dial. Is there some way to restore the old functionality back?

CJKOS 4.63: I downloaded this from the Palm Hong Kong site. The latest commercial release of CJKOS is 4.62xx... For some reason, after installing CJKOS 4.63 (which does not require registration, ie: free), it does not show up as a launchable application. Is this just me, or a known problem (hopefully with a workaround)?

Force EDVO: I remember reading about this somewhere. I don't know what the details are, nor how it works, but I do notice that sometimes my phone's data symbols go from the blue triangles to the old T-Mobile green triangles that point left and right. It is significantly slower in this mode. Is there a way to make the phone go back to the blue triangle mode when this happens? It seems to occur randomly.

Plus anything else you think is worth mentioning!