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    and preferably save them to the expansion card?

    Blazer will d/l a little text file, but I want to d/l little movies (like 3 to 5 megs)

    Any ideas?

    BTW - I searched discussion but I couldn't find this issue addressed elsewhere...
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    I'm sure Blazer can handle 5MB downloads, but just to be sure I'll try it out...


    I stand corrected. That's really strange...

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    "Fast mode" Blazer will do large files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    "Fast mode" Blazer will do large files.
    Is "Fast Mode" available to regular Blazer users, or do I have to d/l an upgrade or new version of Blazer? (I just have the one that came with the phone)


    OK - I searched - this sucks - a custom ROM? I'm not ready to commit to that! Oh well, I guess I better get acquainted with the Idea. Thanks Tony!
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    Well, I updated my firmware to Treo650-1.20-ENA and I installed JamesGangUT's custom rom 4 and deleted
    to get rid of one other thig I didn't want (the "Welcome" icon)

    ALL this so I could get "Fast Mode Blazer"

    ...and I go it! Trouble is, now I can't connect to the net!

    Lemme explain:

    I have a Cingular unlocked GSM using T-Mobile service.

    I have "unlimited T-zones" in my plan and I have been using the Faludi Proxy to connect to the net

    Under "Prefs" in my Treo I set Network service to "T-zones"

    I went into Blazer and went:

    Options/Preferences/Advanced/Set proxy

    I set proxy to and Port to 8080

    That's how I used to connect to the net and surf - but since I upgraded my ROM, it doesn't work anymore!

    Any suggestions?
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    I know it's not a browser, but you could try SharkDownloads.

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    OK - for some reason, my T-zones is connecting just fine again this morning - nothing changed, same proxy settings...weird...

    Now I'm trying out Fast Mode Blazer and it's pretty cool...but I've run into some issues trying to d/l files:

    When I d/l a small movie and accept into CARD it appears there (in DCIM folder), but the file is very small (too small to have d/led the whole movie - like only 352 bytes) and it won't play in TCPMP.

    When I try and save the movie to "DRIVE" it asks me if I want to accept it into "web" and when I click "yes" my phone resets.

    Where is "web" anyway? I can't find it on internal memory in Filez...

    So - I'm still working on it, but I am going to try that Ludus Tech program you recommended.
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    is it the same with xiino or opera?
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    Quote Originally Posted by truoc444
    is it the same with xiino or opera?
    Opera 1.x doesn't download files at all. Opera 2.x just invokes Blazer to do so, so it hits the same 2 MB limitation.

    I'm pretty sure Xiino will do the trick, but I've deleted it from my 650, so unfortunately I can't test it out. It has a free trial period, so anyone who hasn't used it yet can give it a shot.
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    Anyone know - should I install SharkDownload to my internal or can I us my SD card? I googled but didn't find an answer...
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    If you can find Webpro 3.0.1a it has no download limit
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    downloader 1.1 is freeware and does this.

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