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    I have trouble sending files via bluetooth on my Treo 650 (Verizon). I can receive files without any problems but when I try to use FileZ to send a file , I get the following error message after I select a trusted device:

    "Error: exg : Mem Error in Item::sendVFSFile() b"

    P.S. I get this error when I try to send files to different cell phones under different providers.
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    nm? what does that mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by javapro
    nm? what does that mean?
    nevermind, no message
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    Try Resco Explorer maybe it could do.
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    What kind of file are you trying to send? You could be out of memory if it's a large file (MP3 for instance)
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    I tried sending different files including MP3s. I only have 5.8 MB of free memory. Does Treo use as much memory as the size of the file being sent? I am pretty sure I tried sending quite small (non-MP3) files and still got the error. How much memory is required for sending a file through bluetooth on Treo 650?
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    have you tried soft-resetting first, then sending the file?
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