I currently have a Seidio cradle w/ built-in speaker, but I hear lots of feedback from the built-in speaker, so I was considering buying this cradle instead, but I have a few questions.

I have a Treo 650 (GSM) on Cingular.

1. Is there an external DC Charger for it (like with the Treo 600 model), so I don't need permanently wire it into my car's electrical system in case I want to move it from car to car?

2. Is there a (plunger-style) winshield mount available, so I don't need to damage my car by permanently screwing it into my car?

3. Can I use the audio-out to play MP3s/audio books through the external speaker (or the AUX input on my car stereo), or does it only work with phone calls?

4. Is the audio-output Mono or Stereo?

5. Can I use a bluetooth device (like a GPS) with the phone while it is in the cradle?