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    need some advice:
    I was installing NotifyMe and Cardkeeper and the hotsync freeze when sync memo.
    I had tried many approachs:

    -Deleted NotifyMe and Cardkeeper
    -Restore all Treo files from NVBackup
    -Deleted memo dbs files from Treo and Desk
    -Create a new 1 memo file on Treo
    -Sync/Desk overwrite/Treo overwrite
    -Restore desk from backup

    and all did not fix the problem:

    hotsync fine until memo: then freezing!

    Any help?

    P.S. Ok fixed!
    After 3 hours I realise that TeamStat a conduit that I had installed yesterday was responsible for this problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice and the problem reappears every time it was installed.
    Now installed NotifyMe and Cardkeeper and they working fine!
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