I'm beginning to wonder about BackupBuddy in general. The other day I had problems with BackupBuddy (Standard) which I own, and now BBVFS Pro (trial) is also proving troublesome. The other day I read a thread where a person had backups made by multiple programs to his card, but the only program he was able to restore from was BBVFS Pro. So I installed BBVFS Pro and attempted to backup to the card with the very clean looking interface. When it got to DateBk5, it crashed and when it got to Xiino, it again crashed. Today, I created a "Checkpoint" and attempted again to make an entirely new backup (rather than an Update). Again, the same crashes on DatBk5 and Xiino. In both cases, after the resets, BBVFS Pro is able to resume and complete the backup process. After that, the updates go smoothly (very fast) from beginning to end. I'm wondering if those two programs are backed up, and if these backups will be successful at restoring (only one way to know for sure ).

I own Resco Backup and Resco Explorer and both of these seem to be working without a hitch, they scan and create the backups without the slightest problem, but I have yet to restore with anything on the 700p with these either. Next I plan to go to BackupMan, but does anyone have any idea what may be going on with BBVFS Pro and what I am facing here?

I have 45 third party programs installed on the Treo.