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    Anyone else get a class action notice on the flip lid issue for the Treo 180, 270, 300, etc.?
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    I just did. Hilarious.

    So lets see, I need to have a record of out-of-pocket expenses from three years ago on my Treo replacements, I could get those back. And I can get coupons for money off purchases at the Palm Store. Sounds like a lot of work for too little payoff to me. But then again, I do remember being pretty salty about the flip lids constantly breaking.

    Sometimes I think that there should be a "dude, quit holding a grudge" law.
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    Think of the time spent on getting a completely useless class action lawsuit going on.

    I bet any individual participant could go get a 7-11 job and earn enough money to buy a subsidized 650 for the amount of time/effort going into class actions.

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    Quite. Most of my loses were related to emotional pain & suffering.
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    Yep, I just got this via e-mail this morning. My 180 has been sitting in a drawer in my office since the flip speaker stopped working reliably. It was certainly a good enough excuse to get a 600, though.
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    I'm sure the lawyers made a bucket load out of it though

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