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    I was wondering if anyone have tried using the newer 4gb SD cards that are available.

    One that I am looking at is

    OCZ 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model OCZSD133-4GB

    If not, if someone using this version (2gb)
    OCZ 2GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model OCZSD133-2GB

    - J
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    Only 2 GB cards will work on the Treo 650 without serious (non-official) modifications to the ROM of the Treo.
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    There's quite a bit of information on "custom ROMs" to install FAT32 for using larger capacity SD cards. The process is not that complicated but results are mixed. Several of the 4GB cards sold by newegg have been used on the 650 successfully. Try searching for some of the previous posts.

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