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    Since installing Chatter my Data ORANGE light comes on all the time for about 35 seconds at a time. It is doing it between my set interval times. Does anyone else have this problem, my battery now doesnt last that long either.

    Also, if I get an email on my phone and I read it on my phone it is fine. If I go to my PC and look in AOL, the message I read on the phone is now under the OLD folder. But if I move that same message on my phone into the SAVED folder it deletes it from my OLD folder on AOL desktop. Do you understand what I mean. I like my INBOX mialbox on my phone to only have unread messages and the read ones in the OLD folder on AOL PC desktop, but there is no OLD folder (mailbox) on Chatter just Inbox, saved, sent items, spam and voicemail. So how do I keep the message out of my INBOX on my Treo and in my OLD folder on my PC desktop at the same time? Chatter will not let me make a mailbox named OLD, I can only select from the ones I listed above.

    I am on Verizon Treo 650. I am using Chatter version: 2.0.3p3
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    I almost never read my AOL emails outside Chatter. And when I do I always keep then as unread so when I go to AOL I see them on my inbox. Another technique is to use your mailbox folders and organize your emails by categories. So you move your emails to those folders and get them on either one.

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    Marc just reworked some of the AOL code in the 2.0.4 betas... maybe you could give it a try?
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    Is it better to use the stable or the beta versions?
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    You could try either one...


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