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    I just got my new 700p and am super-psyched! Before I do anything though, I wanted to get your advice on transferring my data.

    Here's what i have:
    - old device: verizon treo 600
    - new device: verizon treo 700p
    - Max OS 10.4.7
    - Missing Sync 5.1.0

    Here's my plan: (inspired by threads here and

    1) sync 600 to get everything on mac up-to-date
    2) sync (overwrite all) 700p but assign new HotSync name. will use cable.
    3) just work with this for a couple days to be sure everything is running smoothly.
    4) slowly begin installing apps fresh (not from backup folder) starting with Datebk5 and Audible software. Then SplashID, ZagatToGo, and FileZ.
    5) mess around with syncing over bluetooth instead of cable.

    my questions:
    - am i missing anything? any gotchas i should know about?
    - any advice on how to eventually bluetooth sync?
    - i've actually been using Audible Manager on my Windows (work) machine since iTunes doesnt work so great for large books. Has anybody figured out how to transfer *partial* audio files (i.e., the middle hour of a long book) to the Treo? any other advice on using Audible with Treo+Mac is welcome.


    ps. i'll try to be at the next NYC Treo users group meeting at the Lincoln Center B&N.

    [edited to reflect that i'm upgrading from a 600, not 650. sorry!]
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    That new hotsync name will get ya. If you bought any apps, most are username specific with the unlock code the developer provided. Easiest to keep same username. Bluetooth sync is ok in a pinch but slow if you have to install or update large files. I also have missing sync and have a bluetooth profile that only syncs my iCal and Address. Otherwise, I use a "normal" profile and the cable to install and sync which is MUCH faster.

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