wanted to relay a positive report for the treo700p + Holux GPS Slim 236 + Mot H700 and Mapopolis.

Basicaly everything works very well. INCLUDING Having a live Bluetooth connection to the Holus AND the H700 -- EG Mapopolis is recieving updates from GPS while I am talking on the BT headset

In general the H700 has worked very well ..maybey once a week I have to re- pair, Seems to occur if the Treo decides for some reason to turn off bluetooth. It consistently answers very quickl and stays connected - I've never had an unplanned disconnect. No one has ever mentioned I was on a headset. I have noticed the treo needs to be close however 2-4 feet max.

Holux GPSSlim 236
The Holux paired right up no problems and works like a champ, even works while in my cars armrest - very sensitve, and strong bluetooth - I can move 30-40 feet from car and still have updates

I have the navigator product, may switch to the navcard. Works very well, the 3d display is pretty useless, but the other displays are clear and accurate. Navigated flawlessly. Difficult to move maps around, but you do get very detailed maps of all the us + canada. Rotues quickly, and reroutes really well -- if you missed a turn or such.

Was very surprised that BT maintains active connections to both the Holux and H700. The only "Trick" is that the either device will not connect if you have an active connection (ie talking on the BT headset or Navigating). This really is not much of a problem. When Mapopolis+GPS is running and a call comes in my headset rings, I get a popup on the screen and I can answer witht the popup button or the headset button...Mapopolis continues to navigate. You do need to exist mapopolis if you want to do anything with the phone app..