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    and need some help. I was trying to remove a game off of my SD card last night and deteled the first program/ app on the actual Treo instead. I have no idea what the name was, as obviously I wasn't paying attention. I know the list was in alphabetical order, and it came before "Ace". I think it had something to do with my Bluetooth headset. This morning when I went to connect the headset it connected, heard it beep in my ear an saw the icon change on my phone to the headset. However, when I went to make a call, I heard it beep to connect but the phone doesn't connect the call to the headset, it still displays the speakerphone option. Any ideas on what I deleted and if there is anyway to get it back onto the phone? BTW, I am using a Platronices Discovery 640. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you haven't already hotsynced, don't. Make a copy of your user folder. Mine is located in documents/palm/user.

    Then after making a copy of your user folder, change the back up conduits to restore from backup. Then hotsync. This may bring it back to where it was the last time you hotsynced.

    If not you may need to do a hard reset and start from scratch. Chances are if it was on your sd-card you put it there. If you can figure out what it was that would be ideal, but you may have to think of what you have installed or copied to your sdcard and reinstall them.

    If it has something to do with your headset I would reinstall whatever you did when you first got the headset. I would do this before the steps listed above.

    I am not an expert, and this is my personal advice/opinion. You may wanna get a second opinion before you do anything. Good Luck.
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    Unfortunaley, I have already done a hotsync.
    It also was deleted from my Treo and not the SD card.

    I will try to do the steps with the headset when I get home. Thanks.

    If someone could do something for me though it might help. If you are on the main screen and hit the option button and choose delete, if you could tell me what the forst program/app is, that might point me in the right direction.

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    If you deleted it from the Treo's memory, then the program should be in the Archive folder on your PC.
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    For me.. the first app is "Bejeweled!".

    The only bluetooth apps that I have are "Bluetooth Device Cache" and "Bluetooth Prefs Backup".
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    I think all you have to do is try to re-pair your headset and if it pair ok then try making a call. If that file is in RAM you can't screw up bad, worst thing is you have to do hard reset. Maybe you should go ahead and download free back up program, I think it call ''NVBackup'' you can find it at

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