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    Hi everyone. I am looking for the best encoder for PRE-EXISTING avi files.
    I.e. something to further reduce the size of pre compressed video files.
    I use HANDBRAKE (Mac) to encode my DVD's, but cannot find a way to have it compress pre-existing files. I know quicktime will work but I am hoping for freeware, or atleast something less than 20 bucks.

    The app can be either a windows or Mac app.
    Mac is my preferred system.
    Thank you
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    Have a look at Super
    It can convert just about any file to any other file. And it's FREEEEEE!
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    You might try iSquint, or MPEG Streamclip. Both for the mac, both free.
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    pocketdivx encoder works great for me. Free, not sure if it's for mac though. mencoder for linux works well too.
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    Thank you for all the replies. iSquint has been a quick easy solution, but I have run into a slight audio sync issue. It is not nearly as bad as many other's I have used in the past, and Tcpmp does have an audio delay option. I will use the others suggested and see how they do.

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