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    Whats the best MP3 ringtone program for the 700p?
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    I am liking MiniTones. You can find it here
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    I found Lightwav to be very good on 700p. It also lets you play other formats and gives you full screen caller pic ID. There is also an alarm when your card pops out.
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    MiniTones is pretty good and it's free
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    You have to pay for it but I agree LightWav is killer. Loving using animated .gif files for pseudo video ringtones.
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    Thanks for the tip guys. This program is great....and free. Now, If I can only figure out how to assign different ring tones to individual callers.
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    You assign ringtones using the contacts.
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    Thanks Peter. I had been using Agendus and it doesn't have an option for assigning ringtones.

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