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    So frustrated. Tried getting every single "call duration patch" out there to work on my (relatively) new Treo 680, all to no avail. German phonecallduration.prc. Aqua skins. Shadowmite's overlays. Nothing : (

    Pushed the .prc files to SD card, moved them to Internal with FileZ with no effect. Read so many of the success stories here, it makes me bleed inside.

    Phone was purchased off of eBay around May-ish; typing in the serial # at the palm website indicated that I did not need the camera battery patch, if that's a telltale sign as to how old this thing is. Think Palm actually patched the patches?

    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    CC-Cap: ROG-ROG-013

    It's an unlocked Treo 680 (originally Rogers) that's on Fido/Rogers networks in Toronto, Canada (Rogers bought Fido). Can't seem to get call durations at all. I don't care about graphics, I don't care about icons... I just want to know my call durations! Anyone out there have any ideas?

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    basically these files are just to get rid of the popup that appears when u hang up a call?
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    I had test6 on my 755 and I think it was messing with my touchscreen and ringers. I have the touchscreen off when a call comes in and when Im on a call. for some reason after installing, when I get a call the screen is on.
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    What is the difference between Palm OEM and Stock Carrier Symbols?
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    Quote Originally Posted by quick death View Post
    What is the difference between Palm OEM and Stock Carrier Symbols?
    I would like to know this too...
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    I like the functionality that these overlays provide, however, I'm also interested in a different look for the dialpad.

    I found an app called Skinner that will change out the dialpad...does this app conflict with Shadowmite's overlays, or can they both be run at the same time?
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    Can someone help? I have a Sprint 650 and I have only seen the duration popup once. I have tried these overlays and it still doesnt come up. I would like to see it like on regular phones. Do you know how I can get it back?
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    How do i remove the patch once it installed, and restore my centro to "normal?"
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    I just installed test7.prc on my 755p and absolutely love it! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by quick death View Post
    What is the difference between Palm OEM and Stock Carrier Symbols?
    i was wondering the same thing

    i think for example for evdo... carrier symbol is the blue arrows and the palm oem symbol is a green EV that u see.....????
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    I am fairly new to both my Centro and this group.
    I would like 2 say U guys are awesome and thanks in advance 4 any help.
    I have read and tried to follow all the instructions for using shadowmites overlays. Somewhere I went wrong.
    At this point in my ROM I have:
    Phone_SPCS 59K
    Phone_SPCS_enUS 11K
    I have nothing 127 K although that is what I loaded.
    If I try to load one of the test overlays (test6, test6, etc.) it ends up being listed as some garbled mess.
    Can ANYONE help me?
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    i installed the test5 on my treo 755 and it works for some time.. but after some time it reverts back to default symbols... anyone having same issue...? what should i try ?
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    Is anyone using the program skinner with any of these patches error free.. i think skinner and these overlay patches are conflicting

    The splash screens stop working and when u go to select a new splash in skinner, it says there is a new splash in RAM that wasnt created by skinner, do u want to delete and when u say yes... the overlay patch stops working...
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    Just wanted to say that test7 worked great for me.

    Added it to my SD card, moved it to internal memory using FileZ, did a soft reset afterwards and no more 'call ended' screen...thanks!

    Lovin' my Centro...keeping an eye on the Pre.

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    so did we ever get the verizon overlay?
    M505 -> M515 -> Kyo6035 -> Kyo 7135 -> Treo 600 ->Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 700 WX -> Samsung Saga VZW
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    I loved using the test7.prc overlay, but apparently it's not compatible with Softick Audio Gateway (I have a 755p). Anyone else have this issue?
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    I use test7.prc with SAG - SAG is no worse or better with or without it for me.
    Come Glide with Us

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    I was using the test7.prc overlay successfully but my Treo 755p failed (unrelated to the overlay) so the phone was replaced last night with another 755p. I am trying to install test7.prc again on the new phone, but get the following error message from HotSync: "SYNCERR_READ_ONLY"
    Am I doing something wrong? Is there step by step directions for making this thing work? It's a great overlay and I can't tollerate that lame call duration screen!
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    you cannot hotsync it directly onto the phone. you need to put it on a card and then copy it with filez onto the phone
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    what is an overlay
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