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    Hi everyone,
    New Treo user here!! I've been using pTunes quite a bit and I wanted to free up some space on my Treo so I obviously started by deleting some songs. The thing is they still are there after I delete them. An error message pops up saying I can't play them from this location. What does this mean and how do I delete the songs??? Thanks!!
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    Are the songs on your Treo? Do you have a card? Hopefully you have a card and the songs are on there. If so, just delete them with a card reader.
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    Songs are on Treo, not on card. BTW, could I replace pTunes with Realplayer?
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    Use a free program like Filez to find and delete the songs. Then get a card and put your songs on there. You won't fit many songs on your treo. You cannot replace Realplayer, but you should get PTunes if you want to listen to a lot of music. You can even get subscription music if you use Pocketunes Deluxe.
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    Thanks for the advice...I've been meaning to get FileZ but I heard it could be complicated to use??? I think I'm going to go with TCPMP player for my music and video playing needs

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