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    My girlfriend just got the treo 700p. We set up her email the same way it is set up through her outlook, she can recieve emails but she can't send them. She has a cablevision email address what are we doing wrong??
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    Nothing....most isp's do not allow you to use their outgoing smtp servers from a third party internet service. You are attempting to access from Go the Sprint site or search through here for instructions on how to set up outgoing mail to use the sprint pcs smtp servers. The Sprint smtp is Use this and enter your Sprint Username and password.
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    You may need to use Outgoing Mail authentication. Its a way for your internet provider to assure that only its subscibers are using its outgoing mail server. In Versamail use the menu pulldown button and then go to Accounts, select Account Setup and highlight the account you just tried to set up, select Edit, then Next three times to get to the screen where you get the "Advanced" option. Go in and select "Use Authentication", then Done. Then try sending an email. It MAY work.
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    You may need to authenticate your out going email to get it working.
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    POP does not send mails, it is the protocol to download emails, SMTP is the service that *sends* emails. If she is with Verizon, she can use vzwmail's authenticated SMTP, here's the info on how to use it:

    FAQ #6: Why can't I send email through my existing ISP mail account?

    Answer: Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do not allow their customers to send email from other networks such as Verizon Wireless' NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess services. To accommodate Verizon Wireless customers who have email accounts that do not allow relaying, Verizon Wireless has implemented an outbound SMTP mail server for you to be able to send your email.

    To utilize SMTP you will need to do the following:

    1. Change your Outgoing Mail Server to The steps to change the Outgoing Mail Settings will vary by email client. Please refer to your email client provider for instructions on how to change the setting.

    2. Create a profile if you do not already have a Verizon Wireless profile. Visit from your PC to register for free. A TXT Messaging capable data device or phone is required.
    * The credentials to access the send mail server will be the 10-digit mobile number (used on (i.e. for the user name. For the password use the password established on

    * NOTE: Credentials established on may take up to 48 hours before they will work on the Verizon Wireless SMTP server. If your password works on but not on the server, try again in a couple hours.

    The Verizon Wireless SMTP server can be accessed from most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) eliminating the need to reconfigure settings when switching between Verizon Wireless and other networks.
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    I use 3 different pop3's and their corresponding smtp's and they all work fine with chatter. What email program are you using? make sure the or .net is in the right place...
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