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    Has anyone purchased this case:

    How is it?

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    I have this case and love it
    protection and price point.
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    Thanks g.711. If you see this, does it have pockets for SD cards inside the flap (cover)?
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    Islndboi, your link goes to a "dorry no matches" message, what is this link supposed to be for?
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Whoops sorry. Click on "Search" at the top of the forum and type in, "Energy Leaf" with the quotes.
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    Thanks, I noticed that it does have a pocket for the SD card. Thinking about the Sena now though (because of what appears to be a *non* removable belt clip nib (?) on the back). I've had bad experiences with belt clips and I would prefer a smooth back on the cover.

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