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    (enter Twilight Zone theme song)

    I have searched for this, and came up empty handed.

    Ok, so, for some reason some of the default ringtones on my Treo have been disappearing. I think about 6 or so. If I investigate the pdb file, the records that should hold ringtones have been replaces by a bunch of F's (hex for 255).

    I read a while back that the same would happen for the regular alarms.

    Does anybody by chance have the "MIDI Ring Tones.prc" file from the Treo 700p that is not missing any ringtones?

    So far this is the only problem I have had with my new Treo 700p.

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    sounds like data corruption, or someone having fun with you...or maybe the keyguard isn't on and you have been deleting them in your pocket.
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    No keyguard and password protect are always on.

    I think it is a OS bug, since I recall hearing about a similar problem with the alarm midi database.
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    Errr, my question didn't really come out the way I wanted to ask it.

    Could anybody please send me their copy of the original "MIDI Ring Tones.pdb" file? It can be found in the Palm backup directory (<PalmDesktop install path>\<Hotsync name>\Backup\MIDI Ring Tones.pdb).

    Thank you kindly,
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    Here you go. I hope this works for you...
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    Thank you very much!!!

    Now my Treo has all of its original ringtones back!!

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